In order to use O365 over Express route you need to get the subscriptions the circuits belong to authorised. This is effectively a vetting process Microsoft require in order to satisfy themselves that there is a real use case for their customers. Using O365 over the express route brings some design concerns, mostly around asymmetrical routing and resiliency. In order to consume O365 / Skype for business over express route you now need to attach a route filter to the express route circuit and select the relevent service communities.

Adding rules to route filter


Attempting to do this on a non authorised express route will result inĀ  the following error:

The subscription with id ‘xxxxxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx’ is not authorized for creating route filters for O365 services. Read more about requesting approval.

Once you have been approved, attempting to add these to a non premium express route will give the following slightly different error:

Failed to modify route filter rule ‘AcceptedRoutes’. Error: The remote server returned an unexpected response: (400) xxxx-xxxx is not compatible with the route filter. The route filter includes Office 365 communities. The circuit does not have access to Office365..

The first non authorised message will take a couple of weeks to sort, as it needs to go to the Microsoft product group. The second error is just a matter of changing your circuit from standard to premium.