Crashplan – Back to backing up to USB HDD’s

I signed up for a CrashPlan trial account back in February to have a look at a way of replacing my rather annoying manual backup process of my photos, documents, and music. After playing with it for 30 days,  It seemed sufficiently awesome that I committed to signing up for 2 years. The service seemed reliable and transparent, the latter most important for someone with an inclination for laziness. Part of the service includes weekly (or more frequent if you wish) backup reports which show the state of the backup runs. It’s useful as it indicate any differences between what the crashplan client is backup up, and what’s currently ‘in the cloud’ what they coin “Crashplan Central”

Backups were fine through February and March after the initial 150gb backup, which took about a week on my 5mb connection. After the initial backup, file changes are sent incrementally.

Out of the blue at the start of April I get an email which shows that the backup status has changed from 100% of 170GB, to 5% of 170GB. All my data has disappeared. Thinking this must be some sort of a glitch, I log a support ticket asking what has happened. Advertising a response time of support tickets to be 1 business day, I figure I’ll hear from them shortly. It’s now been 4 days an I haven’t heard anything from them. A qiuick search on twitter suggests that these tickets are frequently taking in excess of 4-5 days to get responses. Is this really acceptable when it’s people’s data they’re dealing with?


It seems very much like a service which hasn’t grown their infrastructure / support as quickly as their customer base has.

Back to backing up to hard drives for the time being. Should I be using someone elses cloud service?

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