Connecting classic Azure VNets to an ARM express route

Migrating Classic Azure VNets to an ARM express route

We are in the process of migrating all of our classic (ASM) resources to ARM in Azure. The first thing we moved is our express route connections, it was relatively painless to do this.

In order to move our classic VNets over it turns out that they cannot contain webroles (the pre validation checks fail if the VNet contains these). Basically all of our Azure applications run on webroles so this creates a bit of an issue. So, to migrate the VNets we need to isolate the webroles. To do this we needed to create some webrole specific VNets, a temporary holding place until the applications have been redesigned to work either in containers or app service.

The Problem

After creating the VNets (which you are fine to do through the gui) you need to create a gateway, which is then in turn connected to Express Route. It turns out that the gateway can only be created using powershell. If you create the gateway through the web gui and then attempt to link these to your express route you will get either of these error messages:

New-AzureDedicatedCircuitLink : BadRequest: The current provisioning status of the gateway prevents this operation.

New-AzureDedicatedCircuitLink : BadRequest: This operation is enabled only for the following gateway mode(s): DedicatedCircuit.

The command to create the VNet gateway is:

New-AzureVNetGateway -VNetName “VNetName” -GatewayType “DynamicRouting” -GatewaySKU “Standard”

Running this will result in an error as well!

New-AzureVNetGateway : BadRequest: A gateway is not specified in the network configuration file for the specified virtual network

This is where it gets a bit messy. Although the error suggests a gateway is not specified in the network configure file (which is true) this is not the reason we see this. In the old portal you used to be able to create a “LocalNetworkSite” which specifies which on-prem networks you will be connecting to over express route. As the old portal doesn’t exist, you can’t create this LocalNetworkSite in the GUI or using powershell. Without this, you see the errors above.

The Solution

In order to fix this you must create it manually (a bit of a hack really) using resource explorer,

Navigate to the Subscription, then the resource group, and finally the VNet you are wishing to create the VNet gateway on. Click on “Read/Write” and then Edit.

After the subnets, you need to add the section name “GatewayProfile”.

    "subnets": [
        "name": "GatewaySubnet",
        "addressPrefix": "x.x.255.240/28"
        "name": "Subnet1",
        "addressPrefix": "x.x.x.0/24"
        "name": "Subnet2",
        "addressPrefix": "x.x.x.0/24"
    "gatewayProfile": {
      "size": "Small",
      "localNetworkSites": [
          "localNetworkSiteName": "OnPremNetworks",
          "addressSpace": [
          "connectionTypes": [

Click Put and this will save the config.

Go back to powershell, when you attempt to run the New-AzureVNetGateway command, it should will now work.

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