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I’m doing some work with virtual desktop sessions on juniper at the moment and have come across this error message when trying to connect to Xen Desktop version 5.4 from SSL VPN IVE version 7.1R2.

Unable to load Citrix Desktops, please contact your administrator

Digging a bit deeper, a tcpdump reveals an unknown error which is returned from the Citrix server.

<?xml version=”1.0″ encoding=”ISO-8859-1″?>
<!DOCTYPE NFuseProtocol SYSTEM “NFuse.dtd”>
<NFuseProtocol version=”5.1″>

I have spoken with JTAC and they have confirmed that there is a compatibility issue with Xen Deskktop 5.x. They are working on a fix but there is currently no ETA (well not one they would give me anyway). Your options are to downgrade and use version 4, swap to vmware view, or twiddle your thumbs a bit until the fix is made by Juniper.

It is possible to use version 5 if you create a Network Connect profile, and use the native citrix client. It’s certainly not as seamless as a web bookmark is, but it’d still get you up and running if this stuff was urgent.

Hope this helps.

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