Azure HighPerformance VPN Gateways

In addition to a whole host of cool stuff announced last month as part of Azures product updates, VNet gateways now come in multiple sizes. I’ve posted previously on speed limitations through conventional VNet to VNet ipsec connections (ie less than 100mb/s) however these new gateway sizes look to address this.

As far as I can tell these cannot yet be created through the web portal (like a lot of things) however you can use the following syntax in order to provision a high performance vnet gateway in order to terminate your onprem vpn, express route, or vnet to VNet connections on.

New-AzureVNetGateway -VNetName “ExistingVnetName” -GatewaySKU HighPerformance -GatewayType DynamicRouting

It’s exciting to see that multiple interfaces are now supported on azure VM’s. This is bound to open lots of opportunities to the networking vendors that we know and love but aren’t represented in Azure (It’s still pretty much only Barracuda networks there at the moment). You’re not yet able to manipulate routing tables so this is still limited in that you couldn’t create an iptables running linux VM which had interfaces in each subnet (ie a DMZ firewall) and route other VM’s through it. It’s bound to be supported soon enough, which will open these do-it-yourself type approaches.

I’ve not yet had a chance to run through the same tests I did in this post, however I will do shortly. Hopefully we see throughput of 1Gbps and upwards.

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