I’m a Network & Security engineer who has moved to London to work & live. I’m originally from Auckland, New Zealand.

I’m currently contracting for a property company in Central London and are involved in a hybrid cloud migration to Azure. I’ve done a lot of work on Checkpoint and ASA firewalls, Cisco switches (both catalyst and nexus) and routers, and more recently Fortinet. Through my current work I have a good grasp of Azure architecture.

The blog is mainly a little spot I place my tips and thoughts on this industry, but I hope others may find some of the content useful too.



  1. A Great blog, thank you. I’ve found some really useful things on here regarding Azure networking and Express Route that really aren’t anywhere else. It can feel like a moving target so good to have someone documenting their experiences.

    1. Great, I’m glad you find it useful! It sometimes feels like anything I write here is out of date in about a week with the way things are moving. The last update from ignite has meant a lot of changes, custom routes are a huge improvement! I need to put together a few posts about it actually.

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